iPhone Screen Repair | Toms River, NJ

Did you drop your iPhone? Hire a professional from Computer Hospital to repair your device and bring it back to working order.

The warranty on your iPhone is long gone and you've just cracked the screen or damaged it by spilling coffee on it. Where is the best place to get it repaired? If your shopping for a price give us a call and we will try o beat or match that price!!

IPhone 5               $65.00

iPhone 5C             $65.00

iPhone 5S             $65.00

IPhone 6               $69.00

IPhone 6+             $79.00

iPhone 6S             $79.00

iPhone 6S+           $89.00

IPhone 7               $89.00

iPhone 7+             $99.00

iPhone 8               $89.00

iPhone 8+             $99.00


(609) 618-1693 or (732) 255-6606

1177 Fischer blvd Toms River NJ 08753

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